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Ethospace System

New open returns and flippers update an existing environment.



Ethospace System

120-degree application creates a new twist on a management office.


New Ethospace components in a traditional layout for individual and collaborative work.


Ethospace System

Ethospace -- a frame - and - tile system
In the Ethospace frame-and-tile system, structural steel frames define the work space, provide the foundation for hang - on components, and house electrical and data wires. Individual segments called tiles attach to the frames, allowing tremendous variety and control of the design and function of individual frames.
Economic Benefit  New components integrate with existing. Preserves the original investment; Ethospace evolves without becoming obsolete.
Cross - functional. Components support multiple tasks and can be reused when needs change.
Efficient installation and reconfiguration. Draw rod connectors reduce installation time; tiles, screens, and other components can be selectively replaced or rearranged with minimal disruption.
Technology Support  Lay - in cabling. Lowers cost of installation and changes; no cable threading.
Zone distribution. Reduces time and costs when installing and reconfiguring data networks.
Huge capacity. The open interior holds up to 60 Category 5, 4-pair UTP cables in the base and an additional 10 cables at every 8-inches of frame height.
Flexible power. The 8 - wire, 4 - circuit electrical system allows circuit configurations of 3 general and 1 dedicated, 2 general and 2 dedicated, or 1 general and 3 dedicated.
High Performance  Multifunctional. Components equip individuals and teams for productive work and respond nimbly to change.
Support for collaboration. Ethospace can help people work together and communicate.
Off-module capability. Return walls, components, and work surfaces can attach at any point horizontally along either side of a spine wall, simplifying change and reducing the cost of churn.
Options for Expression Range of image and atmosphere. Ethospace has always had a strong, architectural look; it can also look open, light, and transparent.
Comprehensive vocabulary. Sleek new trim options, new shapes and sizes, new curves and colors, and new tiles -- along with all the selections that have established Ethospace as a leading design.
Space Planning Application freedom. Designers can create a great variety of work spaces, from open and collaborative to traditional and enclosed.
120-degree capability. The open angle allows more layout flexibility, more efficient use of floor space, and more openness for collaborative environments.
Earth-conscious Design 100% recyclable steel frames. Strong and durable for a long life.
Powder coating. On all metal parts and Formcoat surfaces; no VOCs.
Water - based stains. No solvents.
Sustainable wood supplies. Only from managed forest resources.
Eco - friendly work surfaces. Available with Wheat Board Core, a rapidly renewable and recyclable material made of wheat straw.

Design Story Ethospace has thrived on change. That's because it was designed to do so--to evolve, to become something more than it was, to realize its ever-expanding potential. That's why the story of Ethospace is a design story. It's the design that allows Ethospace to endure and evolve. At the time of its introduction in 1984, its newness and richness, its very presence, made it stand apart regardless of anything else that it might become. It looked great, it was different, and people immediately took to it. Today, the introduction of a comprehensive expansion of the Ethospace offering serves as a clear reminder of its long-term value and amazing ability to embrace change with grace and style.

1.   The frame - and tile wall is the foundation of ethospace interiors.  The steel frames link with one another, while the surface  tiles simply clip onto the frames.  Together the frames, tiles, and top and end caps form a sturdy, three - and a - half - inch - thick wall.
2.   Frames arrive complete with straight - line connectors, top cap, base covers, adjustable glides, and optional power if specified.   Wall frames are available are available in four heights:  38, 54, 70, and 86 inches.  These varied heights, along with the Ethospace support cabinet, open the vertical dimension, creating interest and rhythm in the office environment.
3.   The four wall heights also provide a means of varying degrees of privacy, even within a single workstation.  For people working in teams, the 38 - inch walls offer minimum privacy, enabling workers to interact.
4.   The 54 - inch frame lets people see and talk to others while standing, yet gives them privacy when sitting.
5.   A 70 - inch wall provides privacy even when people are standing.  The 86 - wall (not shown) can be used with architectural ceilings to create spacious and functional enclosed offices.
6.  Tiles attach to both sides of a frame, so the interior side of a wall can serve specific functions while the exterior coordinates with the overall design scheme of the office area.  Without dismantling the frame  or disrupting work flow, the function, color, or character of an Ethospace wall can be changed by selectively changing tiles.
   With a broad palette to work from, tiles of the appropriate color, texture, or material can be placed exactly where needed to provide precise function from the top pf the wall to the bottom.  A worker can have a transparent tile at eye level, an acoustical tile behind a printer, and a rail tile with work tools directly above the work surface.

VinylFabric - Covered, Hard SurfaceFabric - Covered, AcousticalRecut VeneerClear WindowOpen

8.   Fabric - covered tiles can be reupholstered on - site, either to repair damage or to update the look of the wall.  The Ethospace wall provides efficient, adaptable support for all the energy, data, and voice cables threading through the office.  Developed through research into current and potential office needs, the open  structure behind the tiles in Ethospace walls is the secret to handling today's and tomorrow's technology.  Above all, ethospace walls offer options, both for initial installation and for changes down the road.

TackableMarkerRailAdjustable ShelfVertical StorageCable Access

9.   Ethospace frames may be ordered with an eight - wire, four circuit power unit installed in the base.  But this is only the beginning.
10.   Energy harness, which each carry four circuits may be added to the frame at locations spaced every eight inches.  Every 16 - inch tile space can house two power harnesses with eight total circuits.  Sp an 86 - inch frame can carry up to 40 circuits of power.  Power harnesses are one - piece units with no loose pieces, simply specification, installation, and change.
11.   A fold - down cover at the base of each frame makes baseline energy, voice, or data cables easy to access for maintenance or change.
12.   Since tiles are easy to remove and replace, accessing energy and voice data cables is simple.  This reduces the cost in downtime and professional fees not only for initial installation, but also for changes required by new equipment or a new workstation configuration.
13.   Threading cables through walls is a time - consuming and expensive process.  It can also damage cables, so it's no an option for the more fragile cable types.  but with Ethospace walls, installation is a simple matter of flipping down the baseline cover or removing tiles, and then laying the cables.  This is another important cost - and  time - saver.
14.   Power run at any height can be transferred to any other height on the frame using an optional power jumper.



15.   Tiles used on powered or cable frames are exactly like other tiles except that they feature a concealed side opening for energy and voice data cables to pass through.  Tiles used with receptacles are half - height.  This allows the user to choose whether receptacles are half - height.  This allows the user to choose whether receptacles appear on the lower half, upper half, or both halves of the 16 - inch tile space.  If cable routes or energy access points are moved around on the frame, cable management tiles simply move with them.
16. Receptacles are another key to the adaptability of the Ethospace energy cable management system.  Two receptacles attach to each power harness, giving access power on either or both sides of the frame.  Since each frame can support multiple circuits in many locations, workers can have access to as much power as they need, at any eight on the frame.
      Each four - circuit energy system can be configured with one of three combinations of general and isolated / grounded circuits.  The configuration is determined, not by the wiring, but by the type of receptacle used.  So when workers need more "clean power" to handle pieces of sensitive electronic equipment, they can simply replace a few receptacles and  they're up and running.
17.   Ethospace frames provide plenty of room for voice and data cables.  The frame base accommodates 16 one - half - inch -diameter voice cable data cables, and there's room for eight more every eight inches.  That means an 86 - inch frame can carry up to 116 cables.  As with energy, The frame - and - tile system provides easy access to voice and data cables.
        Corner connectors for Ethospace frames turn with a wide arc, safely accommodating stiff or fragile cables such as shielded cables and fiber optics.  Connectors also allow energy and data or voice cables through at any height.


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